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3-meter aluminum ladder

Tactical Ladder

Introducing the Seasight Solutions 3-meter aluminum ladder – your ultimate partner for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Why choose Seasight Solutions’ 3-meter aluminum ladder?

  • Dual-Function Design: The ladder is innovatively designed to serve both as an upright ladder and a horizontal bridge, providing versatility for various work situations.

  • Compliance with Standards: The ladder adheres to DS EN 131-1 + 2 standards, ensuring it meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with riffled hard rubber feet and skid-resistant tape on the rungs, the ladder ensures maximum stability and safety during use.

  • Robust Construction: Made from high-quality aluminum (AW-5754 and AW-6082 or equivalent), the ladder is built to withstand heavy use and features extra-strong side rails for increased durability.

  • Easy Maintenance: The design allows for straightforward maintenance, with a focus on easy cleaning and visual inspection for wear or damage, ensuring long-term reliability.

This custom-designed ladder is a testament to innovation, safety, and durability. Whether you’re reaching new heights or bridging gaps, its dual-function design caters to a wide range of applications.

Safety is paramount, and with riffled hard rubber feet and skid-resistant tape, you can work with confidence.

Constructed from premium aluminum, it promises strength and longevity. Adhering to stringent standards, this ladder is a reliable choice for professionals.

    Maintenance is a breeze, ensuring that this ladder remains a dependable tool in your arsenal for years to come.

    3-meter aluminum ladder

    Seasight Solutions Announces Delivery of Advanced Blade Installation System to Nordex Group

    The Nordex Group, one of the leading suppliers of wind turbines in the Nordic Region, has committed to implementing the cutting-edge Autonomous Positioning System (APS) developed by Seasight Solutions for its blade installation projects in Northern Europe. This strategic move underscores Nordex’s dedication to enhancing safety and efficiency in renewable energy technologies.

    An advanced solution for installations under difficult wind and site conditions

    In a recent development, Nordex has placed an order for 17 APS systems, bringing the total capacity to 20. This substantial investment in the future of wind energy installation will cover Nordex’s demand for installations in Northern and Eastern Europe.

    Lee Horton, Director PM Operations Division Europe at Nordex Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the new technology, stating, “The APS is an advanced solution for installations under difficult wind and site conditions. Its integration into our operations will streamline our installation processes and ensure highest levels of safety possible on site.”

    The APS technology, known for its autonomous capabilities, represents a significant leap forward in the field, offering unparalleled accuracy and safety during the critical process of wind turbine blade installation.

    Enhanced safety and reduced wind waiting days

    Seasight Solutions’ APS is an innovative tool transforming lifting operations with enhanced safety and efficiency. Unlike traditional taglines, the APS enables precise mid-air control of large components, such as wind turbine blades.

    Globally recognized for its reliability and smart design, the APS has been successfully implemented in nearly a thousand installations. Its key advantages include safety enhancement and operational efficiency, as it significantly lowers accident risks, ensuring safer job sites.

    Head of Sales at Seasight Solutions, Anders Karlsson, notes another key advantage of the APS: “Together with Nordex we have significantly reduced the number of wind waiting days during installations.”

    Vice President Technology Improvement at Nordex Group, Jan Dahl, also commented on the collaboration with Seasight Solutions, saying, “The innovative APS aligns perfectly with our vision of pioneering sustainable energy solutions by continuously improving technology and safety. Our partnership with Seasight Solutions has been instrumental in reaching this goal and we are excited about the potential this technology holds for the future of wind energy.”

    Nordex’s adoption of the APS from Seasight Solutions reflects a commitment to innovation, and the continuous pursuit of sustainable energy solutions that benefit both the work environment and the economy.

    For more information about the Autonomous Positioning System please contact Seasight Solutions’ Head of Sales: Anders Karlsson,, phone: +45 4188 4965.

    Seasight Solutions Announces Major Sale of 15 Autonomous Positioning Systems to ENERCON GmbH, one of Europe’s Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturers

    Seasight Solutions is thrilled to announce a significant cooperation with global manufacturer of wind turbines, ENERCON GmbH.

    The successful testing of two Autonomous Positioning System (APS) by ENERCON paved the way for this momentous cooperation, demonstrating the tool’s ability to optimize operations and enhance safety during wind turbine installations.

    This new partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies and strengthens the collaboration between Seasight Solutions and ENERCON.

    ”It’s been a great pleasure working with Seasight Solutions on this project and we are looking forward to the continued collaboration,” says Regional Category Manager at ENERCON, Marco Hinrichs.

    “I am thrilled to announce a landmark achievement – the sale of 15 state-of-the-art Autonomous Positioning Systems to ENERCON GmbH, a pioneer in the wind turbine manufacturing industry. This significant transaction not only underscores the cutting-edge technology we offer but also solidifies our commitment to fostering solutions that promote safety on wind farms around the world,” elaborates Anders Karlsson, Head of Sales at Seasight Solutions.

    The Autonomous Positioning System – optimizing operations and improving safety

    The Autonomous Positioning System (APS) developed by Seasight Solutions is a cutting-edge multifunctional tool designed to revolutionize safety and efficiency during lifting operations, for example during the installation of wind turbine blades and other major components.

    Unlike traditional hand-held taglines, the APS allows precise installation and control of even the largest workpieces in mid-air. With close to a thousand components installed worldwide, the APS has garnered widespread acclaim for its reliability, functionality, and practical design.

    Key features of the APS include:

    • Safety First: The APS significantly reduces the risk of accidents during lifting operations, enhancing overall safety at job sites.
    • Efficiency Boost: By streamlining workpiece positioning, the APS improves efficiency across various industries.
    • High Wind Tolerance: The system’s robust design ensures reliable performance even in challenging wind conditions.

    ENERCON’s Pioneering Spirit

    As a pioneer of wind energy technology and a partner of the energy transition, ENERCON specialises in the turbine and technology development, production, sales and servicing of onshore wind turbines. Pursuing its mission of ‘Energy for the world’, ENERCON has driven sustainable energy generation from onshore wind since 1984. Thanks to its innovative wind turbine technology, high quality standards and a total installed power of more than 61 GW, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Around 13,000 people work at administrative, sales, production and service locations worldwide for the wind turbine manufacturer with headquarters in Aurich (Germany).

    A Perfect Match: ENERCON and Seasight Solutions

    ENERCON’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with Seasight Solutions’ mission to create intelligent and customized tools for industry leaders. The successful testing of two APS systems by ENERCON paved the way for this momentous collaboration. Now, with ENERCON’s order for 15 more APS units, Seasight Solutions is proud to contribute to ENERCON’s continued success.

    For more information about the Autonomous Positioning System please contact Seasight Solutions’ Head of Sales: Anders Karlsson,, phone: +45 4188 4965.

    Custom-designed sectional aluminum ladder

    Tactical Ladder

    Experience versatility with our modular aluminum ladder, designed for adaptability, easy storage, and transport.

    Compliant with DS EN 131-1 + 2 standards, it’s suitable for both vertical and horizontal use.

    The ladder consists of 95 cm sections, allowing for configurations of 2, 3, or 4 sections to suit various heights and tasks.

    When fully assembled with four sections, it reaches 3.5 meters and features knurled hard rubber feet and non-slip step holes for secure upright use.

    Engineered with robust brackets and joints, it supports horizontal deployment over a 2.5-meter span with 3 sections, enhanced by non-slip tape for added safety.

    The ladder’s unique captive profile provides the necessary strength to function as an emergency bridge, ensuring reliability in critical situations.

    Five key advantages of our sectional ladder

    • Versatile Configuration: The ladder can be used in sections of up to 4 for upright use, and up to 3 sections for horizontal use as an emergency bridge, providing flexibility for various applications.

    • High Load Capacity: The ladder can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg, whether used upright or horizontally, ensuring robust performance and safety.

    • Special Alloy Construction: Made from strong aluminum alloys, the ladder offers high strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight design for easy handling.

    • Safety Features: Equipped with anti-slip tape on the rung sides and ribbed rubber feet at both ends, the ladder provides secure footing and stability to prevent slipping.

    • Ease of Assembly: The ladder’s sections are designed to glide together easily, with spring-loaded positioning bolts that automatically engage, simplifying the assembly process.
    Tactical Aluminum Ladder
    Sectional Tactical Ladder

    Seasight Solutions’ 3.4-meter sectional ladder is your ultimate solution for versatile and safe height access.

    Custom-designed with the highest quality aluminum alloys, this ladder is engineered to cater to both upright and horizontal applications.

    Whether you’re reaching new heights or bridging gaps, its sectional design allows for up to 4 sections in upright mode and 3 sections when used horizontally as an emergency bridge.

    Safety is paramount, and this ladder doesn’t disappoint. With a maximum load capacity of 150 kg for each configuration, you can work with confidence.

    The anti-slip tape and ribbed rubber feet ensure that the ladder stays firmly in place, while the spring-loaded positioning bolts make assembly a breeze.

    Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the Seasight Solutions ladder is not just a tool but a reliable partner for professionals who demand the best in safety, convenience, and performance.

    Seasight Solutions becomes member of DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed

    Hvide Sande, Denmark – Seasight Solutions has become a member of DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed, Denmark’s premier branch association for defense, space, and security industries.

    Pioneering Innovation

    With over 25 years of engineering expertise, Seasight Solutions has developed cutting-edge solutions for various industries worldwide. Notably, our world-leading davit cranes and the innovative Autonomous Positioning System have set new standards in engineering and automation. As a member of DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed, we aim to be the go-to partner for steel and aluminum construction such as air force maintenance platforms, ladders and bridges, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Defense Initiatives

    In 2023, Seasight Solutions joined Lockheed Martin’s Product Support Provider Network for ground support equipment. This milestone reflects our expertise and highlights the role Danish firms play in major defense projects. Collaborating with Lockheed Martin and fellow Danish companies within the PSP Network, we are committed to enhancing Denmark’s safety and security.

    “We’re thrilled to earn recognition from Lockheed Martin. Helping the air force servicing the F-35 fighter jets, a key element of Danish air defense, allows us to showcase our commitment and expertise in ground support equipment,” says Thomas Halkjær Kristensen, CEO of Seasight Solutions.

    About DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed

    DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed (FOS) is Denmark’s branch association for the defense, space, and security industries. As an integrated part of The Confederation of Danish Industries, FOS draws on a broad scope of competences both within and outside the defense sector. Their mission is to promote cross-societal solutions and support companies in this field.

    Visit Seasight Solutions’ member profile at DI Forsvar & Sikkerhed.

    Upgrade of Multi Blade Installers to accomodate new Generation of Wind Turbine Blades

    In a move that reflects the growing trend of sustainability in the wind energy sector, Seasight Solutions is embarking on a project to upgrade Multi Blade Installers (MBIs).

    Originally constructed to handle blades weighing up to 16 tons, these MBIs are being retrofitted to accommodate the new generation of heavier wind turbine blades, capable of reaching up to 29 tons – thus extending their lifespan considerably.

    Extending the life of existing equipment

    With a production count exceeding 340 units, this upgrade of existing blade grippers underscores our commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies. The initiative is not just about keeping pace with the increasing size of wind turbines; it’s a testament to our commitment to recycling and sustainability.

    Instead of building entirely new installers, we have chosen to adapt and extend the life of existing equipment. This approach not only conserves resources but also reduces waste, aligning with global efforts to promote a more circular economy in the wind energy industry.

    Innovation and sustainablily can go hand-in-hand

    The upgraded MBIs will ensure that Seasight Solutions remains at the forefront of the wind energy market, ready to meet the demands of installing the next generation of colossal wind turbine blades, while also playing a role in the movement towards more sustainable industrial practices.

    By upgrading the MBIs, Seasight Solutions A/S is setting a precedent for the rest of the industry, demonstrating that innovation can go hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility. This strategic decision not only enhances the operational capabilities of the equipment but also showcases our dedication to a greener future.

    Seasight Solutions first introduced the blade gripper in 2013, designed specifically for the V112 (16 tons). With the recent upgrade to 29 tons, it now boasts the capacity to handle the V172, solidifying its position as the versatile lifting yoke capable of accommodating a wide range of blade sizes – from the V90 to the V172.

    Seasight Solutions launches the new Adaptive Ladder Hanger for Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

    In an advancement for offshore wind turbine maintenance, Seasight Solutions has launched its latest innovation, the Adaptive Ladder Hanger. This new product promises to enhance the way maintenance operations are conducted on offshore wind turbine Transition Pieces (TPs).

    The Adaptive Ladder Hanger stands out with its remarkable capability to carry loads of up to 200 kg, while itself maintaining a feather-light weight of just 7.8 kg. This exceptional feature allows a single operator to handle the device with ease, ensuring a swift and efficient setup process. With just three simple steps, the hanger securely locks onto the ladder, signaling it is ready for action.

    This innovative tool is not only a boon during regular maintenance routines but also serves as a reliable solution in various challenging scenarios, such as:

    • When hoisting equipment is unavailable or malfunctioning.
    • In the event of a breakdown.
    • During times when there is a lack of power on the TP.

    An indispensable part of the offshore wind turbine maintenance toolkit

    Moreover, the Adaptive Ladder Hanger proves to be an invaluable asset during the turbine erection phase, showcasing its versatility across different stages of turbine life.

    Designed to facilitate the hoisting of a wide range of items, including installation and maintenance tools, auxiliary equipment, and any supplementary tools, the Adaptive Ladder Hanger is set to become an indispensable part of the offshore wind turbine maintenance toolkit.

    Seasight Solutions’ commitment to innovation and practical design is evident in this product, which is poised to enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience for operators working in the demanding offshore environment.

    Seasight Solutions Joins Lockheed Martin’s Product Support Provider Network

    Seasight Solutions is proud to announce that we are now part of the prestigious Product Support Provider Network (PSPn) for ground support equipment under Lockheed Martin.

    This partnership marks a significant step for Seasight Solutions and underscores our commitment to supporting Denmark’s defense sector.

    “It is an honor for Seasight Solutions to be recognized by Lockheed Martin and to have the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance of the F-35 fighter jets, which are the cornerstone of Danish air defense,” says Thomas Halkjær Kristensen, CEO of Seasight Solutions. “Our team looks forward to applying our specialized skills and in-depth knowledge within steel and aluminum construction to ensure that Denmark’s fighter jets are ready and in top condition.”

    This milestone is not only a recognition of Seasight Solutions’ competencies but also a testament to Danish companies’ ability to play a central role in global defense projects. We are excited to work together with Lockheed Martin and the other Danish companies in the PSPn to strengthen Denmark’s defense capabilities and contribute to the security of our nation and allies.

    About Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company primarily engaged in the research, design, development, manufacturing, integration, and maintenance of technology systems, products, and services.