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About us

Our history

Throughout the years our field has moved towards greater specialization, and the demand for customized and intelligent solutions and technologies has increased.

Our company has evolved to meet such demands, and we now supply a large range of products and services, specializing in developing and manufacturing customized, advanced high-quality constructions. We are prepared to meet the challenges of the future and to continue to deliver excellent solutions.

We develop and produce effective solutions for the largest companies in the wind- and offshore industry. Over 100 highly motivated and skilled employees take great pride in committing to the best solutions for our customers. The entire organization features a winning mentality and willingness to adapt, innovate and improve. This attitude has ensured many satisfied customers throughout the years.


We are present to do the good work that contributes to a sustainable transition

Company goals

We take great pride in surpassing our customers’ expectations and being a reliable and professional supplier. Teamwork and the will to win is our recipe for success.

We must run a credible business
We must ensure VERY satisfied customers
We must ensure VERY satisfied employees
It must be fun to work at Seasight Solutions
We must grow progressively with an appropriate risk profile
We strive to develop innovative solutions and to deliver beyond customer expectations

Our core values

Many can do a great job, a few can be excellent, and only one can win. The desire to be the best is driving the entire organization at Seasight Solutions. Our company culture is defined by the following values: Security, reliability, and talent. They guide our daily operations and form the foundation of all decisions.


All external and internal stakeholders should feel a sense of security when they interact with Seasight Solutions. They should always be confident with their choice of partner.


We want to be a reliable partner for all stakeholders. When doing business with Seasight Solutions you can rely on the fact that we will always do everything possible to uphold our agreements.


We value talent, and we believe that it is the way to provide truly excellent solutions. That’s why we strive to attract committed and talented people and to develop the talents and skills of all members of the organization.