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Excellent service for the industry

Over the years, Seasight Solutions has developed several special tools – like platforms, pump units and fixtures – for the wind turbine industry in Denmark and abroad.

They have been designed in our engineering department, produced at our own facilities and delivered on-site. Between project staff, design department, production and service there is a close sharing of know-how. Our service team play an active role in the installation and have deep knowledge about the delivered tools, as they have been close to the production process.

The service team at Seasight Solutions

We are a handful of solution-oriented service technicians with deep knowledge and qualifications within welding, electrical devices and hydraulics, but we can also draw on the competences of our colleagues from the automation department. We constantly add partners all over the world, which gives us the possibility to perform quick on-site service with access to local production facilities.

Testimonial from Lars Oberdiek, Siemens Gamesa

“Seasight Solutions was able to prove that agreements and deadlines regarding maintenance matters were met in all conscience. In case of delays, these were communicated transparently.

We are glad to have found a business partner who is trustworthy in providing and procuring orders and spare parts within the warranty period.

We could see that service is a huge priority and that contacts are cultivated.”

Customer feedback from Sebastian, Vestas

I’m very happy to see that the plan made by us weeks ago have been executed spotless. Your flexibility here was the key to success.

When it comes to your service:

Training – All participants have been happy with the outcome of the training program, so they are confident in using your product.

Planning – It required foreseeing the activities way upfront to make sure we succeeded with organizing training in time, however we have established great both-way communication to ensure, that we are on the same page. You have shown the flexibility, when we were in doubt about delivering the system on time.

Service – We have only positive comments about what your service technician has done on site. He was very flexible with making last minute arrangements to give the training to as many technicians as possible. I couldn’t imagine this training executed in a better way, so I’m looking forward to work together with him on the next possible occasion.

The service you can expect

24/7 support

We offer world-wide 24/7 support, including remote support via PLC, to ensure that your production lines run as optimal as possible. 

A fix-it approach

In case of malfunctions on the delivered tools, we respond immediately or make local partners perform technical first-aid. Our employees are characterized by a fix-it approach to problems and challenges.

2-3 years warranty

We offer 2-3 years of service warranty on our tools with 6 months intervals, but we can also service and deliver extended warranty on third party equipment.

Fixed intervals

We are active in the service process by contacting our customers at fixed intervals and coordinate spare parts, delivery and installation. 


We offer storage of spare parts and delivery when needed to minimize service time, purchase, handling and delivery costs.


We deliver thorough and up-to-date documentation on all service.

Case example

Long distance service and problem solving

We receive a distress call from a customer with a troubled tool in another European country.

Firstly, we try to solve the problem by remote support. As this doesn’t succeed, we send a technician to the customer’s site within 24 hours. The problem is solved within one hour.


Michael Vind Jensen