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Hvide Sande


The group’s headquarters also house the administration of Seasight Solutions. This department manages all our finances, as well as our main switchboard number

Seasight Solutions


Our other major location in Hvide Sande is our main production facility, which is where our project management, welding control, documentation and management offices are based.

Because these offices are directly linked to production, we want to keep our project managers near their projects, thus enabling them to always ensure a high quality and high level of efficiency. 

  • Mamrelund 9, 6960 Hvide Sande

Seasight Solutions

Development & Engineering

Our development and engineering department is in Varde and has a number of offices and meeting facilities. This is where our professionals develop, calculate and design both their own and customers’ products.

Once this process has been completed, the project is passed on to the production facilities where, under the close supervision of the project managers, the prototype is developed and moved towards serial production.

  • Ortenvej 80, 6800 Varde

Seasight Solutions

Cranes & Assembly

The production and office facilities for producing ‘Davit Cranes’ for our sister company ‘Seasight Davits’ are located in Ringkøbing.

Alongside a production and project management function, this department is also home to our modern machining centre, which includes welding robots, CNC milling and turning, and laser cutting.

The machine centre handles workpieces for internal projects and orders, and we also offer cutting and machining as a subcontractor for projects at short notice.

  • Frejasvej 4, 6950 Ringkøbing