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How we handle your product development

Design & building

Our decades of knowhow is a game changer

When designing and building complex industrial machinery, we make use of decades of knowhow and experience in building reliable vessels with unique special purposes. At the sea all functionalities have to work flawlessly together and redundancy is required to secure safe and efficient performance at any time.

To secure continued and long term performance of your production lines, and your unique needs, both software and hardware electronics are carefully selected and integrated to constantly monitor and control of the often complex machinery.

Automation department

The automation division offers a broad and attractive range of knowledge and expertise

When entering our Automation department you will meet competent staff with long experience in understanding your exact needs. You will be appointed one-point of contact, that will follow your project from end to end. Also, we will allocate a core team to design all process steps.

We program PLCs and Scada systems internally. But select well known softwares and hardwares from primarily Siemens, Schneider Electric or Beckhof-Parker. Diagrammes are made in PC Schematic.


Mads Susgaard