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Davit Cranes

Designed for the offshore wind industry

Titan – fixed boom

Hercules – luffing boom

Spider – for man-riding

Scorpion – add-on

With Seasight Davits’ trademark, the Plug and Play, the cranes are not disassembled after passing the FAT-test, and therefore they are still fully functionable when delivered. They just need to be plugged in and powered up. As a result, the installation is done easier, faster, and hence more cost efficient. And the commissioning can be postponed until the davit cranes are finally installed offshore and combined with the first-year service.

Characterized by innovative thinking, efficiency and an exceeding quality standard

We constantly develop and optimize our products to ensure they are highly reliable and include good, enduring solutions. As our mindset is focused on customer and market needs, we have great success with our Plug and Play design, Scorpion and Spider.

Due to our in-house resources and experience, we can easily carry ideas into action, and we thrive on evaluating new ideas with customers as well as business partners. This is illustrated by the various versions of our davit crane models on our track record.

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