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autonomous positioning system

Safely lifting the industry to new heights

Proven and reliable positioning equipment

The APS is the next generation of safety during lifting operations

Seasight Solutions presents the APS system – a multifunctional tool for positioning and controlling workpieces in the air.

Most people are familiar with the method of controlling material and workpieces during lifting using hand-held taglines. This method can now be replaced by the APS System which allows even the largest items to be installed and controlled very accurately.

The system has installed close to a 1,000 components for different customers. Around the world, the market has welcomed Seasight Solutions’ product, which is both developed and produced in-house, and which has further contributed to improved safety and efficiency at the many sites where the product is in use.

APS is an original and highly popular positioning system, due to its reliability, functionality, and practical design ensuring easy handling and control of your burden.

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installed components


the risk of accidents

Reduced risk of accidents

Improved efficiency at many sites

Increased windspeed limit

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