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Blade Mover Universal

The new generation of fast modular transportation

BMU = Efficient blade transport

Adapting the product to each customer’s needs

Blade Mover Universal from Seasight Solutions is a product for efficient blade transport. With the ability to adapt to any interface, our product can handle, lift and transport wind turbine blades inside and outside production facilities and on to further transport via water and road networks.

Blade Mover Universal can travel at speeds of up to 15 km/h, has a lifting height of 4.2 meters and can maneuver around its own axis using the 4 independently steered wheelsets in each corner. Furthermore, the BMU has a total lifting capacity of up to 38 tons.


Km/h full speed


tons lifting capacity


meter lifting height

Blade Mover Universal for convenient handling and transport of wind turbine blades

The BMU has been developed as a modular system that allows Seasight Solutions to adapt the product to each customer’s needs by adjusting e.g. length, width, lifting height and lifting capacity. The system is available with diesel or electric propulsion.

Watch the presentation and the videos below for further specifications, as well as our footage taken while handling and transporting wind turbine blades on site and during in-house testing.

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