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Ladder hanger

Safety and efficiency in one tool

Can carry up to

230 kg

Weighs only

4.1 kg

Ready after only

2 steps

Safety combined with efficiency – even in difficult working positions.

Seasight Solutions has developed the Ladder Hanger for installation in wind turbine towers and other vertical pipe constructions. While the Ladder Hanger can carry up to 230 kg, the product itself weighs only 4.1 kg, making it a very light tool in terms of handling. After 2 simple steps, the product is locked onto the ladder, ready for use.

The Ladder Hanger is used by all major wind turbine manufacturers

The product is used by all major wind turbine manufacturers and is represented at sites around the world on- and offshore.

It is mainly used when erecting wind turbine towers to lift different types of equipment and material before an internal lift is put into operation. See our data sheet below for further technical specifications

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